Gasverket – from restricted industrial zone to thriving city centre

In 2011, the Gasverket area in Hjorthagen, Stockholm Royal Seaport closed down after 120 years of producing and delivering gas to the Stockholm region.

Throughout those years, the area was closed to the public; however, it is now being rebuilt and will be transformed from a restricted industrial zone to an open, thriving city district. AFRYs architectural practice, Koncept, has been working with JR Kvartersfastigheter and the City of Stockholm with the ambition of extending Stockholm’s inner city energy into the gasworks area through the urban regeneration project Gasverket. Taking the old brick architecture of the area as a point of departure, a new urban centre have been developed.

“The Gasverket area provides a unique setting dominated by Ferdinand Boberg’s beautiful brick architecture in combination with striking modern design. The sensitive treatment of the cultural heritage of industrial buildings, with new additions planned to interact with modern architecture, provides a new and vibrant urban environment on a human scale” says Cecilia Clase, Account manager at Koncept.

Gasverket will be both a destination for Stockholm as a whole, providing a stage for creativity, innovation and entertainment that appeals to all the senses, while offering everything residents and workers require for a functioning everyday life. The area covers 80,000 m2 of built environment, including 20,000 m2 of buildings, and aside from its innovative design it also utilises ground breaking technological solutions that among other things locate goods transport and parking beneath ground.

“With shops and restaurants at ground level, services and offices one flight up and accommodation on the upper floors, Gasverket will be a district in constant motion, providing residents, workers and visitors with unexpected and inspirational encounters” says Cecilia.

The strategic objective of the project was defined as to create a place where people want to live their lives, and Koncept has developed the concept and links to the surrounding area, as well as driving through the zoning plan that has now been adopted for the gasworks district.

Gasverket – from restricted industrial zone to thriving city centre

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