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How to be compliant in Cyber while turning it into a business differentiator

Digitalisation is a game-changing topic across all industries, but at the same time a threat to the national security of countries. As such, the legislator in several countries have strengthened the laws around Cyber Security and Protective Security. This has a major impact on companies doing business in the fields of critical infrastructure, for instance energy and telecom.

The cyber-attacks are happening as you read this. The reality of hybrid warfare and the connected grey zone problems[1] have forced governments to raise the bar to protect critical infrastructure and other national interests. This impacts not only authorities, but also private companies doing business in the field of critical infrastructure. Protective Security requires additional work, however handled correctly, Protective Security can be turned in to a business differentiator.

Companies in the fields of critical infrastructure such as energy or telecom should ask following questions:
  • How can my company be compliant with regulation in the field of Cyber Security and Protective Security?
  • How does my company efficiently handle the additional work that comes from protecting not only my company, but also national interest?
  • How do we turn the work of fulfilling customers requirement on meeting Protective Security legislation into a business differentiator?
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At AFRY, we help solve these issues. We have more than 50 years of experience within Protective Security from working as a partner to Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Defence Material Administration, Civil Contingency Agencies, authorities, but also private companies impacted by Protective Security legislation. We are supporting businesses to optimise the work to meet requirements with our methodology Protective Security Program (PSP):

[1]Gray zone problems and hybrid warfare – impact on energy supply, FOI-R--4590—SE, FOI 2018

Gustav Sandberg - Business Area Manager Cyber Security

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