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How to estimate the ratio of investment value to gained benefits in Machine Vision systems?

Machine vision system's reputation keeps on growing and it is one of the most rapidly emerging technologies in the industry.

Machine vision systems developed for industrial uses offer various benefits, such as improving profitability and quality, streamlining operations, and solving various production challenges.

When it comes to budgeting, it is not simple to acquire a machine vision system. Many different components must be taken into account from the point of view of solution design and commissioning, as well as from the perspective of investment value.

The machine vision system is always a long-term investment, and resources used for it must be reviewed over a long period of time. It is necessary to also estimate the value of the benefits gained by the investment: what are we actually getting back from the investment that we are making into commissioning?

How to determine the value of a machine vision system investment?

Machine vision system is in many cases acquired to solve a production challenge, to improve the efficiency of operations, or to improve the quality and reliability of production. To mention few, a machine vision system has a positive impact on the quality of production, the amount of wastage and the streamlining or total elimination of manual work stages.

Therefore, it is possible to determine the value for the machine vision investment, that is linked to operational efficiency or development as well. On the basis of the gained benefits, the payback period of the machine vision solution can also be estimated.

It is reasonable to assess the investment from many perspectives and consider how to tie the investment back into the development of operations as well as possible. With a good partner, the investment can be seen from the point of view of the entire business operation. The right partner will help you to see the whole picture even before budgeting and suggests proposals and specifications.

In the procurement of a machine vision system – just as any other technology and digitalisation project in industry – it is vital that it is seen as an investment rather than just as an expense, bringing more efficient quality and production as well as longer client relationships.


There are many factors that determine the costs of a machine vision system

The basis of budgeting a machine vision system is formed by a specification of requirements made in partnership with the solution provider and the client, in addition to a careful procedure review and testing phase carried out by the machine vision partner.

A right partner will be able to examine the implementation from different perspectives and will suggest novel, more efficient, and improved ways of doing things whenever necessary.

It can be challenging to budget a machine vision system without careful background work, as it involves plenty of applications and procedures. Furthermore, the production conditions and the environment affect the costs in many ways.

What is essential to acknowledge is that the various wishes and requirements set for a machine vision solution have a direct impact on the scope of the system and the costs as well.

It is important to always consider the properties you are ready to invest in when choosing properties and functionalities, and which ones can bring clear benefits or added value in terms of developing production capacities. A right partner will be able to examine the implementation from different perspectives and will suggest novel, more efficient, and improved ways of doing things whenever necessary.