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The Importance of achieving technical excellence

Meet Alexandra Fridman, Technical Project Manager


Hi Alexandra, what do you do at AFRY?

My name is Alexandra Fridman and I work as Technical Project Manager at IT Solutions. A few years ago I wanted to apply my IT knowledge to solve environmental problems so I'm glad I started at AFRY that focuses not only on technical excellence, but also on sustainability and environment.

What do we mean by “technical excellence”?

Technical excellence is about revealing better ways to develop software. With other words it requires a set of techniques that help you to produce better software faster. To me, technical excellence starts and ends with culture. To constantly improve in terms of competence and teamwork. I would say that achieving technical excellence is the goal of all IT organizations.

What is your current assignment?

We are developing software for Sortera - a Recycling Company that is a leading environmental services provider in Sweden. Sortera strive for materials to be recycled and reused as much as possible and we have many new ideas of digitalization for their processes.


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