Importance of Road noise prediction in future mobility

A close cooperation between AFRY and our long-term US client has resulted in a technical paper, published by SAE International. Our client, who is developing autonomous vehicles, sees that a minimized road noise will be very important for the overall experience in future transportation. In an autonomous vehicle with silent electric motors, where occupants may focus on non-driver related tasks such as processing emails during the ride, the road noise can be dominating and cause a negative ride experience.

CAE model of the pod with an advanced wheel/tyre model for analysis of road noise.

AFRY has contributed to a CAE method for how to predict and reduce road noise in virtual vehicle models in a very early development stage.

Vehicle system models for road noise development are generally limited by the tire models used, which are often too simplified. The key in the method developed has been to develop an improved tire-wheel model. The new tire-wheel model includes the structural dynamic properties of both the tire and wheel with the centrifugal, gyroscopic, fluid-structure coupling and preload effects.

The work has been led by our Senior Automotive NVH expert Per-Olof Sturesson, PhD, and supported by NVH CAE Engineers. The title of the paper is “Development and Optimization of Vehicle Systems for Improved Road Noise and Prediction Using Vehicle System Model in an Autonomous Vehicle Application”. In September the work will be presented at the SAE Noise and Vibration Conference.

“The project is truly state-of-the-art and performed in close collaboration between the client, the tire supplier and AFRY, involving method, model and tools development as well as knowledge transfer. Additionally, we received critical support by the simulation software supplier, who introduced new functionality so we could simulate road noise accurately and efficiently. The process of authoring of a SAE paper put the team to reassess and reflect on derived results and conclusions, which increased the team’s knowledge.”, says Per-Olof Sturesson.

This example shows that AFRY plays an important role in developing vehicles for future needs.


*SAE International, formerly named the Society of Automotive Engineers, is a United States-based, globally active professional association and standards developing organization for engineering professionals in various industries. SAE Technical Papers are written and peer-reviewed by experts in the automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicle industries.


What AFRY can do within CAE

  • AFRY offers CAE services to our Automotive clients within structural and fluid mechanics, to evaluate vehicles and systems regarding attribute areas such as Safety, NVH, Durability, Aerodynamics, Thermal and Vehicle Dynamics.  

  • We perform CAE analysis on all levels: Research, pre-studies, method development, optimization,  
    product and process development.  

  • We can take on the complete responsibility for CAE driven vehicle development, including all steps:  
    From meshing, modelling and status analysis to optimization, improvement studies and correlation.  

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