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Increased security and stability for the industry, infrastructure, and telecom markets through wireless connectivity

Eskil Bendz, PhD and Section Manager Networks is heading a group of experts in connectivity and communication systems. We asked him about tomorrow’s connected industry.

In what way is wireless connectivity and 5G interesting for the industry market?

“Wireless connectivity for plants is one step towards all the benefits in industrial digitalisation. For example, this enables major changes like more flexible plants, and going from mass production to mass customisation, or maybe just one step towards automated guided vehicles."

"My group provides customised services for better coverage with increased security and stability, both for industry, infrastructure and telecom markets. We have a long experience from working with wireless systems and coverage issues in complex environments. We are also one of the leading consulting firms within IT-security and cyber security.”

What does your clients say regarding connected industry and 5G?

”Our clients are interested in becoming more effective than their competitors, using the best part in new tech. It’s about using digital solutions for the purpose of increasing productivity or lowering cost.”


Are there any differences between your other clients, and the industry market, that you would like to comment on?

“Interesting question, so far I can see that demands on availability and security might be even higher in the industry market, because unplanned shut downs has a big impact on profitability, together with fierce competition that makes all data regarding production a major part of the company asset.

Eskil Bendz Section Manager Networks at AFRY
Eskil Bendz, Section Manager Networks

"AFRY has a long history of industry competence, being in the market for over a 100 years, so the needs and challenges in the industry are a part of our common understanding. Combining our industrial expertise with wireless and digital knowledge makes AFRY a partner that can support and challenge you.”

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