Meet Pär Blixt, Sales Executive at AFRY

Pär Blixt, Sales Executive, is one of AFRY’s experts within Medical Device Development

He works as a Sales Executive in business area Product and Software Engineering at AFRY.

What are you specialized in?  

I work with a very wide variety of companies, in the Gothenburg area where I am based. I have worked in the medical device industry for almost 10 years, helping surgeons improve the care they provide for their patients.  

This means that I have an intimate knowledge of how a surgical department operates as well as experience with public procurement tenders and framework agreements with healthcare providers.


What has shaped you in your professional role today?

I have personally seen the devastating impact malpractice can have as my grandfather was needlessly injured during a routine procedure many years ago. Both him and my grandmother have had most of their retirement years ruined by this. As an engineer I believe in the power of innovation and technology when it comes to improving outcomes for everyone who needs medical care, acute and elective. Because of my grandfather’s misfortunes, I am really invested in improving the speed and quality with which we employ innovative solutions in this sector.  

Could you share some examples from different projects to give an impression of the work you are doing at AFRY?  

One interesting project we recently initiated is the development of an instrument to simultaneously speed up and improve the reproducibility of a common surgical procedure. The client is a startup founded to solve the needs of the surgeons and in the founding team they have great insights into the nature of the problem. They needed a partner experienced in the design of instruments and someone who could basically invent their product.

One challenge with this project is that the instrument needs to perform quite a sophisticated maneuver, while being delicate, sturdy, and intuitive at the same time. This will require our mechanical engineers to really bring their A-game and so far, the client has been impressed with the progress we have made together.


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Jörgen Simonsson - Business Unit Manager Product & Software Engineering

Jörgen Simonsson

Business Unit Manager Product & Software Engineering

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