A large steel processing plant

Security analysis and penetration test of a solution for secure remote access to production equipment

AFRY was hired to review and design a secure remote support solution for a customer's mission-critical production machines, taking into account the overall infrastructure and security needs in the rapidly digitizing world.

AFRY's customer manufactures and sells huge production machines that become extremely mission-critical for their customers in turn. To ensure that you can be offered fast support in the event of disturbances, a solution for remote support is included when the machines are purchased. AFRY was tasked with conducting a security review of the solution.

Security challenges linked to remote support occur with almost all of AFRY's customers. The rapid digitization has created both opportunities and risks around everything with critical and vulnerable equipment. A robust and secure solution for remote support is entirely dependent on it being configured correctly and being part of a larger infrastructure that ensures good security all the way. In addition to reviewing existing solutions, AFRY can also propose and design the entire infrastructure needed to be able to offer reliable solutions to the end customer.