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Sustainable solutions for the cities - and for the people in the cities

Kaia Eichler in front of office building

Get to know Kaia Eichler, Head of Sustainability at BA Buildings.

Kaia has worked at AFRY for five years, and is truly committed to accelerate the sustainable transition.

- I chose to work at AFRY because we work with all aspects in society when it comes to technology. For me it’s important to work with something that has an impact - and that I can contribute with my competence, with my knowledge and with my energy, says Kaia.

Kaia's main focus is on buildings and the part they play in the sustainable city. Projects include topics such as sensors predicting and managing energy use in buildings, as well as the future work life and future workplace. In the video below, she explains what motivates her - and what lessons from kitesurfing that she brings to the office.

Future Cities - we shape the liveable future

In the year 2050 the United Nations estimates that 70 percent of the population lives in cities - at the same time the cities represent 70 percent of the green house gas emissions. That is why we focus on sustainable solutions for the cities, and for the people in the cities. Population growth and urbanisation will lead to new challenges in urban areas. How can we tackle these challenges while improving quality of life? How can we build cities for our future generations, without knowing what our future world will be like?

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Future Cities

We shape the liveable future