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Top 4 Security threats in 5G Cloud Core Networks

Top 4 Security threats in 5G Cloud Core Networks

Niclas Selberg, PhD and senior telecom advisor at AFRY, shares his thoughts on global 5G security concerns.

In recent years, there has been a global debate related to security questions in 5G networks. What is the reason for that?

One of the major trends in the 5G telecom industry is transforming the networks to the cloud, not only the applications, but also critical core functions. This is already happening with 4G but will be even more pronounced when 5G is introduced in big scale.

This transformation bring some very key benefits such as cost reduction, agility and enable new 5G applications such as Industrial IoT and autonomous cars. However, this also implies new challenges, for example within the security domain.

What are the major security challenges in 5G networks?

The security challenges can be summarised as four major security threats that need to be considered thoroughly when moving from a 4G traditional solution to a 5G network core; virtualisation, dynamic security rules for private and public cloud, end-to-end security in multi-vender environment and utilisation of open-source software.

How can these identified security risks be properly managed?

Every 5G service provider needs to define and implement an in-depth defense strategy. These measures will help mitigate the identified security threats in 5G Cloud Core Networks. The security strategy by AFRY for handling cyber-attacks consists of three steps; Intrusion Prevention, Intrusion Detection and Response, and Intrusion Tolerance.

Niclas Selberg
Niclas Selberg, PhD and Senior Telecom Advisor at AFRY

AFRY has a long history of telecom competence, being in the market for over a 100 years, so the needs and challenges in the telecom market are a part of our common understanding. Combining our cyber security expertise with wireless communication and digital knowledge makes AFRY a partner that can support and challenge you.

Gustav Sandberg - Business Area Manager Cyber Security

Gustav Sandberg

Business Area Manager Cyber Security

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