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Value driven innovations for a sustainable future

Since the innovation of the steam engine in the 19th century, AFRY has been supporting clients through all industrial revolutions. Although, the speed, reach and level of transformation connected to the current digitalisation cannot be compared to any previous revolution. I.e. by year 2050, 500 billion devices are predicted to be connected to the internet, according to Cisco.

Connected devices and services already facilitate our day to day lives at a new level. Tasks that, less than a decade ago, took far more time or were simply not possible at all, are now available in your smartphone. The connected world has also resulted in increased awareness for individuals and organisations enabling i.e. waste reduction, smarter control of production lines and smoother user experiences.

Our belief is that as digital transformation accelerates, focus will shift from updated traditional solutions – and instead unlock the opportunities to create completely new solutions for both old and new challenges, involving new partners and services.

Lotta Falck

The future of digitalisation, engineered by AFRY

“We believe that when we combine our deep knowledge in design, technology and domain expertise, we can truly find the optimal way to utilise digital technologies and maximise value creation in our solutions.”

Lotta Falck - VP and Head of Digitalisation, Sales & Business Development
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By designing with focus on effect and a deep understanding of user experience, we combine different solutions and industries and utilize data science to move from data to informed decisions or autonomous action.

Together with our partners, we want to create true value driven innovations that have real and sustainable impact for clients and the society. Read the latest insights from our digital experts in the articles below or visit our Digital Solutions and ICT offerings.