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Sustainability at AFRY

AFRY's mission is to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society and our ambition is to be a European leader in sustainable engineering, design and advisory with a global reach.

With more than one hundred years of experience in helping our clients to find innovative technical solutions to a multitude of problems AFRY is firmly in the front rank of technical progress. We are proud of our history and what we have achieved and we are confident that we can do more together with our clients all over the world. We are prepared to take on your sustainable challenges.

Sustainability as a business strategy

Global challenges such as climate change, rising sea levels, the rise of extreme poverty for the first time in decades, biodiversity loss and increasing water stress are expected to lead to a growing demand for scalable and sustainable solutions, while digitalisation is set to remain a driver in all industries and sectors. The EU’s Green Deal and taxonomy is expected to direct investments towards solutions which are classified as sustainable and in line with the Paris Agreement according to the taxonomy.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy, and we aim to be a leader in sustainable solutions to boost our positive impact and drive growth, and to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals.

We acknowledge the complexity of dealing with the global challenges and our sustainability approach encompasses a holistic view, the need to address both positive and negative impacts as well as the value chain perspective.


Annual and Sustainability Report 2021

The three pillars of AFRY's sustainability framework

Sustainability framework Arrow pointing right

AFRY’s strong commitment to sustainability is reflected in our mission to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society, and our framework for sustainability is built on three pillars: lead by example, transform the company and accelerate the sustainability transition. The three pillars are pivotal to AFRY’s ambition to become a European leader in sustainable engineering, design and advisory with a global reach.

Sustainability framework
Lead by example Arrow pointing right

Lead by example: We base the way we run our operations and how we care for our employees on recognised frameworks, science and requirements from various stakeholders, such as employees and investors. Inclusion and diversity, ethics and compliance, and our own climate impact are key areas which permeate the entire business, as manifested through our sustainability targets.

Measuring and following-up on these targets throughout the business lines will drive our business forward. In 2022 we received EcoVadis’s highest platinum rating for the second consecutive year which showcases our commitment to lead by example and increase our sustainability performance.

AFRY is committed to conducting business and operations in line with the 1.5°C ambition. As part of this we have submitted our science-based targets to the Science Based Target initiative for validation and accepted the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures. Our focus on the 2030 Agenda, UN Global Compact and other important frameworks remains firm.

Transform the company Arrow pointing right

Transform the company: AFRY focuses on fully integrating sustainability in our design, engineering and advisory solutions, encouraging clients to adopt solutions that promote sustainable development and developing solutions that contribute to the 2030 Agenda. By this we generate long-term value for clients, for the environment and for society.

Our employees are key and our Sustainability Learning Programme aims at increasing our employees' awareness and knowledge about sustainability in areas of deep sector knowledge. This is vital in meeting our clients’ expectations and for sustainability to be a growth driver to its fullest extent. This also brings the need of tools, guidelines and best practice for assessing and managing sustainability topics in assignments with the necessary support from our sustainability specialists.

Our focus on inclusion and diversity is also key to increasing the problem solving capabilities necessary to address complex challenges related to sustainable development and to gain a competitive advantage.

Accelerate the sustainability transition Arrow pointing right

Accelerate the sustainability transition: AFRY actively seeks out transformative, innovative assignments to accelerate the sustainability transition and will take a leading position in the four transforming segments. It is in these segments that we anticipate strong and long-term growth, and it is here that we expect to see an increase in demand for scalable, cross-functional and sustainable solutions which are made possible by digitalisation. A shift within the transforming segments will accelerate the transition to a sustainable society.

By combining design and engineering competence within our areas of deep sector knowledge, our digitalisation capabilities and our sustainability expertise we develop scalable solutions that accelerate the sustainability transition. The EU Taxonomy will support us in developing our offering by understanding and measuring the share of our business that substantially contribute to the environmental objectives defined by the EU.

Sustainable Stories

In the new Sustainable Stories you can read more about some of AFRY’s recent assignments within the fields of infrastructure, bioindustry, energy and digitalisation, and how we, together with our clients, accelerate the transition globally.

We see transformation as the key core competence of AFRY where we as an enabler can support our clients with the holistic view and adding the competencies and capabilities needed to continue the acceleration for change. The projects in Sustainable Stories, are examples of how our mission is transformed into reality.

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