Employee at AFRY Jesper Moberg

Jesper Moberg works as a process engineer within mining and metals

"I'm curious about the value of the earth's resources, its potential in terms of mineral resources for a sustainable future - that's why I chose the mining and metals sector."

The green transition is the main motivation for Jesper Moberg's interest in the mining and metals sector. Today, Jesper works as a process engineer at AFRY with assignments in the field where he wants to be - in high impact projects to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society.

What tasks do you have in your daily work?

"The job is a mixture of office work where you do everything from mass balances and flow charts to drawing up different paths for processes - how to crush, grind or do different chemical separation processes to extract what is valuable and what is not. I work in the office in different teams, but I am also often physically at the customer site to develop lab processes and do pilot trials for customers who want to try new processes. It was important for me when I applied for the role to have a mix of both office work and site visits to customers, so I am happy."

Team in Lulea, Sweden - having a meeting

What kind of projects do you and your team work on?

"For our team at AFRY in northern Sweden, it is very much about supporting large industrial investments, mainly in mining and metal. However, it does not have to be limited to that, but can also involve involvement in other sectors of the process industry. Our projects are generally about reducing emissions in the industry and finding ways to achieve a greener industry - various innovative and efficient solutions for extracting mineral resources - such as phosphorus, rare earth metals and fossil-free steel, which are currently high on the agenda."

What do you see happening in the industry?

"Several mining companies are generally looking at a more circular approach both for the environment but also economically to find more sources of income outside the primary metal. That is, how to use mineral resources that remain in the mine waste after the primary metal has been extracted, such as the extraction of phosphorus from iron ore. Today, it is often categorised as waste and remains in tailings ponds to be used as fill material at best. However, if new processes can be found to extract other mineral resources from mining waste, there is great potential for the mineral resources that are currently classified as critical to the success of the green transition. These include minerals and metals for agriculture, renewable energy and the transport sector in the form of battery technology."

What is the best part of your job?

"The challenge of finding new solutions. There is often no clear-cut path; each new process plant has its own unique situation. It is rarely possible to copy something that others have done; you must find new methods for each individual process plant. The possibilities are many and as a consultant I get to test many different parts. I also know that I can make a difference from several aspects, which makes the job fun and rewarding!"

"As a relatively new graduate, I appreciate being able to work on my own but with good support from more senior colleagues, both internally and at the customer - there is always someone to lean on and the mix of junior and senior often provides interesting perspectives."

What does your role involve?

"I have a master's degree with a focus on sustainable management of natural resources and circular economy. The focus was very much on recycling, as well as sustainable and efficient extraction of metals and minerals using innovative enrichment methods. Simply put, how to best extract metals and minerals to utilise them for something useful."

What influenced your choice?

"I've always had an interest in the earth's processes, how it affects, for example, volcanic eruptions and natural disasters and also been curious about the value of the earth's resources, its potential in terms of mineral resources for a sustainable future - that's why I chose the mining and metals sector."

Natural hazards and climate change

Your background?

"Compared to others in my group, many of whom have a background in chemical, energy, and mineral engineering, I have a bachelor's degree in earth sciences. I previously worked as a geologist in various positions, including as a marine geologist with the task of assessing the environment on Swedish seabeds through bottom sampling and mapping using various bottom-penetrating radars. Interesting areas, but where I am today is more my element and therefore a move to Norrbotten was also a given for me before I chose AFRY."

Why did you choose AFRY?

"I was determined to move north and aimed primarily at the larger mining companies in the north. I looked around at various consulting firms but didn't really find any with activities in mining and metal, but then I discovered AFRY with its centre in the mining and metal industry of the future and made contact myself. That's the way it is."

Life in the north part of Sweden - Luleå?

"The feeling is that I have landed where I want to be. We have a great community and many activities that create a good atmosphere and enable new contacts. I get to try a lot of things, enjoy my role and have found several friends that I want to stay with, both through work and outside. For me, my choice was spot on."

"Many people are probably not aware of what can be offered here, but think a bit "Norrland is Norrland". For those who are interested in the outdoors, it is probably difficult to find something better to live in with opportunities for hiking, mountain climbing, skiing and more."

Briefly about Jesper:

Lives: Luleå, Sweden
Age: 27 (written in 2023)
Outside of work: Does a lot of crossfit and likes to play disc golf which I discovered is quite big here in Norrbotten. Good association and wonderful community!
What I think many do not know: The need for resources and expertise in the mining and metal industry in northern Sweden is great and only looks to increase greatly in the future with all the new green industry investments in the industry. Quite simply, an exciting future

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