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Career Story Jakarta

Get to know Lina Ariyani from AFRY Management Consulting's Jakarta office. Learn more about our business and what it's like to work at AFRY.

MCD Management Consultant Lina Ariyani
Lina Ariyani

What is your role at AFRY and what is your professional background?

I am an analyst in the Bioindustry team at AFRY Management Consulting, based in our Jakarta office. I joined AFRY in 2016 and focused mainly on the pulp, paper and packaging sector. I have worked on assignments ranging from market studies and new business development to due diligence and operational excellence, serving clients in many parts of the world – including APAC, Europe and Middle East. Prior to joining AFRY, I studied Bioprocess Engineering at the University of Indonesia and worked as a process engineer.

Which of the AFRY values Brave, Devoted & Team Player resonates with you most and why?

Since I work with colleagues from different AFRY offices most of the time, the team player mentality helps me a lot to ensure that the project is delivered in an excellent manner. It is really great to collaborate with network of experts within the organization to have robust perspectives when solving client challenges.


In what area are you passionate about making a difference?

During my time at AFRY, I have had the chance to work on future-oriented topics in many exciting areas. A large part of my motivation comes from the fact that AFRY is on the front line in helping the world move towards a better direction regarding sustainability. It’s really great to contribute solving global sustainability issues through our projects, for instance creating solutions to tackle global plastic problem, helping companies make investment decisions in the bioindustry sector or advising clients make the transition toward sustainability.