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Azadeh Rezvani

“With our knowledge and brave decisions we will be able to take our sustainability work to the next level.”

Azadeh Rezvani enjoys a challenge and wanted to do something different. This is why she chose to study geology and work as a geotechnical engineer. She believes that by taking a clear stand for sustainable development, AFRY can make a major difference to the future.

Azadeh standing on a roof in Stockholm.

Never one to shirk a challenge, Azadeh Rezvani wanted to study something different – something that would not lead to a life spent behind a desk but that would also offer the opportunity to work in the field.

“I have a great interest in geosciences, which was one of the reasons I chose to study mining engineering and geology; however, if I’m honest, I really had no idea what it would be like as a profession. What I did know was that I wanted to work with something that stood out from other engineering jobs,” she says.

Azadeh began by studying mining and mineral engineering at the Iran University of Science and Technology. With bachelor’s degree in hand, she moved to Sweden to continue her studies.

“I moved to Sweden in 2012 when I was admitted to Lund University. It was there that I completed my master’s degree in Geological and Earth Sciences & Geophysics,” explains Azadeh.

She remained at Lund to study Swedish before moving to Stockholm to take up an internship and, eventually, a full-time position as a geotechnical engineer with AFRY.

“When I started at AFRY I was entrusted with taking over an entire project, which was naturally a real challenge. That said, we all have it in us to outdo ourselves and I am happy to have been given the opportunity. I had only just graduated and yet I successfully took on an entire project!”

Azadeh is currently working on railway tunnels, tunnel and rock face inspection and construction planning for rock reinforcement, as well as geotechnical engineering in the field and the office. Her goal for the future is become more professional in her work, something she believes can only be built up over time.

“It takes time to gain experience and while I’m doing so I intend to enjoy life, both at work and outside. As well as focusing on work, I want to travel and experience the world,” says Azadeh.

“I believe that with our knowledge and brave decisions we will be able to take our sustainability work to the next level. In one way or another, each of us can contribute to a sustainable world and together we can make a big difference to the future.”

TBM road tunnel under construction
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