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Karolina Pamp

Karolina Pamp, Strategist Combined Mobility, is one of AFRY's many experts.

She is originally a librarian, but her curiosity and interest in people led her to work within mobility.

karolina sandgren

Hi, Karolina! Tell us, what is a mobility expert? What are you specialized in?

I’m specialized in how the different transport modes should work together; that we are not either-or, either a motorist or a cyclist, but both, depending on the distance, the day, the weather and today’s agenda. It’s our responsibility to plan for the good sustainable city, the future city.

How did you start working with that?

I’m actually a librarian, but I’ve worked in the transportation sector for the last ten years. I’m extremely interested in people and their lives, and transportation is a prerequisite to live a good everyday life. Transportation is the bloodstream of the city, enabling the inhabitants to move.

How did a librarian end up working with transportation?

A librarian needs to be able to provide the right book for the person. It’s all about being curious, doing a lot of research and understanding what the reader wants, so that I can offer the perfect book for you. In the strategic role that I have, it’s pretty much the same thing. You need to understand the customer, understand statistics and dig into numbers.

So, you could say that it was because I’m very curious. It’s not that I’m really interested in transportation in itself, the interesting part is how it affects our lives. No one gets away from transportation, we need to transport ourselves to live our lives, to go to work, to go to activities and so on. That’s what makes our job meaningful.

Why did you choose to join AFRY?

I have worked within the company for two years now, and it’s a company full of smart and kind people who want good things but still be profitable.

What is the next big thing within mobility?

Well, the main big trend is the shared, the electrified and the autonomous transportation. I’ve spent the last four years working mostly with the question of how mobility can become a service instead of a vehicle, and we see more and more that things are starting to fall into place. We will not own our vehicles such as the car and bicycle – we will subscribe to it. This will create new business models, new behaviours and new companies. It has rarely been so fun to work within transportation as it is right now because so much is happening!