Picture of one of our employees Zain Nadra

Zain Nadra

Zain was the first female participant in our Immigrated Competence Programme

Zain Nadra, a mechanical engineer from Syria, came to Sweden in 2015. After a job placement at AFRY in Solna, she became a full-time employee.

In 2015, Zain and her husband came to Sweden from Syria to escape the war. Zain is a trained mechanical engineer with a degree from al Baath University in Homs. In Syria, she worked in a client capacity for the municipal administration. Having completed a job placement with one of the Solna HVAC sections she is now a regular employee.

– During my first time in Sweden my husband and I lived in Gothenburg. There, I involved myself in church activities in Bergsjön and found new friends. That's where I started to learn Swedish, volunteering to help other newly arrived refugees.

The family received a residence permit and Zain's husband got a job as a mechanical engineer at  AstraZeneca in Södertälje. After moving there Zain stayed home with her daughter for a few months, started studying Swedish in May 2016 and graduated from SFI after one month. After the summer, Zain got in touch with AFRY Diversity Coach Amir Nazari. In September she started her three month job placement.

"This is a crucial chance for me to rejoin the labour market."

– AFRY are giving me my steps to the future. Here, I get to work within my field of expertise, and I develop and learn something new every day. My colleagues help out a lot and are very friendly. We spend our lunches and coffee breaks together and speak Swedish to help me improve my language skills. This is a crucial chance for me to rejoin the labour market.

Picture of one of our employees Zain Nadra

Anders Jansson, HVAC section manager at AFRY in Solna, is happy to have recruited Zain. – It is challenging, educational and great fun to teach Zain the Swedish way of designing HVAC installations for buildings. At the same time, we gain insights about how it is done in Syria, which is very different. Zain is competent, a fast learner and a great fit in our team.

AFRY cooperates with the Swedish employment authority in the New Immigrated Engineers project, which aims to get newly arrived engineers to join the company. The project is going well. Thus far, 20 engineers have been recruited, 15 are currently in job placements and many more are about to start placements.

– It is incredibly rewarding to get to follow these individuals, see them grow and develop within AFRY. I often get feedback from managers and co-workers that this is great, it develops our teams and strengthens AFRY as an employer, says Amir Nazari, Diversity coach.