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Mareike Schneider

Mareike Schneider is acting as Area Sales Manager at AFRY Process Industries in Germany. The importance of the work comes from the fact that AFRY as a company and she as a Sales Merson can support industrial clients' efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and to improve their efficient and safe production in the future.

Mareike joined AFRY in 2017 as Area Sales Manager for the Process Industries Division in Germany. She is responsible for the Industrial Utilities Sector with industrial and municipal energy supply as well as Waste-to-Energy. Additionally, she’s supporting nuclear department sales and she also belongs to the global AFRY Smart Site industrial digitalisation development team.

“I have a university degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on gas turbines. Before joining AFRY I have worked in different positions like engineering manager, cost engineer, R&D group manager for rotating equipment, technical sales manager, and finally the position as department head. After these interesting and diverse 7 years, I was ready to start something new. So, it was a lucky coincidence that AFRY at that time was looking for an Area Sales Manager… and here I am.”

Diverse and never boring working days in a truly global organisation

“I would describe my normal working days diverse and never boring as every day has its different tricks. Different clients, projects, and networking within the truly global AFRY team means learning every day something new about what AFRY can do. And after a stressful deadline-day, I love a relaxing evening out in nature keeping work-life balance in the good shape.”

Strategic direction and AFRY values make a great match with personal values

“Our strategy Making Future ensures that each employee as well as a client can contribute to a safe, healthy, and sustainable future. For me, it is clear, that if we want to change our world in a positive direction, we can only achieve this as a team. To unite the personal commitment and devotion of every single person is crucial for that. So, we all need to contribute to company culture and values brave, devoted and a team player to enable this transition.”

Contributing to the transition towards a sustainable society is part of every salesperson daily work as well

Mareike thinks that AFRY and herself as Sales Manager support clients' efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and to improve their efficient and safe production in the future. She is truly in the frontline in discussions with the clients and finding sustainable solutions together with AFRY's technical teams to meet client’s needs.

Her day-to-day business brings her in contact with clients with multiple backgrounds accompanying them during all their project stages. She feels that it is so interesting to see how discussions and early phase ideas are turned into technically working solutions that have both sustainability footprint but also handprint.


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