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40 under 40

Fanny Englund from ÅF Lighting is listed among top lighting designers under 40.

orty outstanding young lighting designers have received official recognition as part of the Lighting Design Awards’ prestigious list "40 under 40". 22 men and 18 women – selected from over 350 applications – hail from 12 different countries, including the UAE, India, China, Brazil and the US. We are very happy to see our colleague at ÅF Lighting, Fanny Englund, on the list!

"To get this award is an incredible honour! This also shows that the business doesn’t only recognize flashy projects, but also the pursuit of changing methods to create better lighting environments in general. Lighting should be designed for people and their everyday lives. I will continue to strive for this in my career" says Fanny.

 Fanny's experience ranges from exclusive private apartments to large-scale office projects, with a focus on creating well-designed functional lighting environments with high visual comfort. She always shows great professionalism in her role as project manager. From the initial concept meeting with the client to the very last follow-up on location, she is professional, responsive and solution-oriented. And she is of course a great colleague!

 Congratulations again Fanny! Well deserved!

 Read the full list "40 under 40" here.

Photo: Anna Simonsson

Dennis Högås - Section Manager, Light Bureau, Sweden North East

Dennis Högås

Section Manager, Light Bureau, Sweden North East

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