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40 under 40 - Frederik Waneck Borello from ÅF Lighting is listed among the top international lighting designers under 40.


40under40: The class of 2019

Forty outstanding young lighting designers have received official recognition as part of the Lighting Design Awards’ prestigious list "40 under 40". Nine men and thirty one women have been selected from fourteen different countries, including Turkey, India, China, Brazil, the US, Germany, UK, Singapore and Sweden. We are very happy to see our colleague at ÅF Lighting, Frederik Waneck Borello, on the list!

It is a great honor to be recognized internationally as a promising young talent within the lighting design industry. I have a strong passion for architectural lighting and its ability to change urban environments into beautiful fairy-tales at night. Lighting is for people and cities are for people, therefore I always strive to push the boundaries for what we can do with lighting with an aim to add a joyful experience for people in their everyday lives”, says Frederik.

Frederik’s experience ranges from artistic light installations towards highly complex infrastructural projects. His foremost strength is his ability to think outside the box. In many of his projects, he has shown how the best results are achieved by pairing user-experience and art with energy consumption and maintenance, as for example in the project “Cycle Superhighway: Farum-route”, which was recently shortlisted for the Danish Lighting Award. Frederik was also part of the "Marsa Plaza" project in Oman currently shortlisted for the Lighting Design Award 2019.

Frederik cares for the well-being of every member in a team. This ability of merging empathy with passion makes him highly appreciated by his colleagues.

Congratulations, Frederik, well deserved!

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Frederik Waneck Borello, Senior Lighting Designer. Photo by Rune Brandt Hermannsson


Lars Barthold Hansen - Market Area Manager, Light Bureau (Denmark)

Lars Barthold Hansen

Market Area Manager, Light Bureau Denmark

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