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Advancement of digitalisation in Chilean companies will be favored by the development of 5G network


In this context, AFRY brings AFRY Smart Site services to Chile, aimed at 4.0 industry.

Chile is on track to be the first country in Latin America to have an operational 5G network that will prioritize the technology applications in priority sectors such as health, education, and transport. In addition, the network will ensure internet access through a high-speed mobile network in regions that are currently not covered and helps to develop country's economy further. In the industrial sector, for example, high-speed and low-latency networks are essential for the development of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies enabling effective, real-time and safe connectivity between intelligent machines and devices in manufacturing facilities.

Chilean industrial operators are searching for digital solutions that will help them to improve their competitiveness and reach their sustainability goals. Understanding the big picture and being able to identify the most suitable digital technological solutions for each business becomes an additional challenge, especially for companies that do not have an internal team specialized in digitalisation.

AFRY, a European engineering, design and consulting company with global operations, is bringing to Chile Industry4.0 framework, AFRY Smart Site, which comprises a set of digital services and solutions through which industrial processes and operations can be optimised in terms of efficiency, safety and quality, while promoting the sustainable development of operations throughout the entire production chain.

“As independent technology consultants, AFRY can help the Chilean industrial sector, in particular the process industries, to create the ecosystem of suppliers that optimally serve their operations, and develop tailored engineering solutions for all phases of projects and throughout the entire value chain. We are more than 1,700 digital experts around the world, connected to an extensive network of technology partners, and complemented with deep process technology knowledge,” explains Rodrigo Brisighello, Head of Process Industries at AFRY Chile.

AFRY Smart Site uses the most advanced technological solutions such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics, to promote the convergence of the Engineering, Operations, and Information Technology areas (ET-OT-IT). The objective is to ensure an integrated engineering data capable of promoting more efficiency to manufacturing operations based on strategic information, obtained in real-time, and which enables insights for more accurate and faster business decisions.

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“The understanding of value chains – from raw material to finished product, and in-depth market knowledge – puts AFRY in a unique position to support the Chilean industrial sector on its journey of digital transformation towards a more efficient operation. We can provide support with complex solutions that are economically competitive, in line with our mission of accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable society,” says Rodrigo Brisighello.

AFRY's expertise areas in process industries include Pulp & Paper, Bio-based industries, Chemical Industries, Mining and Metallurgy, Food and Beverage, and other process industries.


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Rodrigo Brisighello, Head of Business of the AFRY Process Industries, Chile
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Fabio Fonseca, Head of AFRY Process Industries, Americas


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