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ÅF Lighting opens new office in Trondheim, Norway

ÅF Lighting is strengthening their presence in Norway with the opening of a new office in the third largest city.

Today, ÅF Lighting in Norway consists of 16 lighting specialists located in the Oslo office, which was established in 2011. Now the time has come to develop a similar unit in Trondheim led by Senior Lighting Designer and Project Manager, Wiggo Pedersen Evensen (pictured). Wiggo has been a part of the team in Oslo for nearly 8 years and has taken on the task of starting up and developing the new team in Trondheim, with a current plan of adding two new colleagues to the team by the turn of the year.

“Our projects and clients are spread across Norway and our business is rapidly growing with more and more people starting to recognize the value of good lighting design. In line with this, and our strategy of long-term growth, we have decided to expand geographically. At the moment, we have several ongoing projects in Trondheim, including final assignments at Powerhouse Brattørkaia and a number of assignments in Saupstad Kolstad. Our presence in Trondheim will strengthen our local project management and our relations with current and future clients in this region. I am very happy that Wiggo has taken on this task and I am confident that he will carry on our offerings and commitments in this region” says Country Manager, Morten Jensen.

With ÅF Poyry og Gottlieb Paludan Architects already being well-established in Trondheim this expansion is a natural transition and development for ÅF Lighting. The new office will be located in the ÅF Poyry office building at Bassengbakken 1, 7042 Trondheim, Norge.

About ÅF Lighting

ÅF Lighting is an independent lighting design practice with a comprehensive portfolio of award winning projects. We take pride in delivering made-to-measure projects to our clients. With more than 115 dedicated specialists based in offices across Scandinavia and Europe we are currently one of the largest lighting design offices in the world. Our work is split between domestic and international projects, covering all aspects of architectural and infrastructure lighting.

ÅF Lighting is part of ÅF Pöyry, a leading international engineering, design and consultancy company. Together we create solutions for our clients from a sustainability perspective on complex infrastructure projects within architecture, design, buildings and urban planning.

Morten Jensen - Director Light Bureau in Norway

Morten Jensen

Director Light Bureau in Norway

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