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ÅF Lighting wins LAMP Award 2019

ÅF Lighting receives a Lamp Award in the Outdoor Lighting category for the Musicon Path at this year’s LAMP Awards in Barcelona.

Light Bureau Lamp award 2019

Two projects by ÅF Lighting, the Cycle Superhighway: Farum-route and The Musicon Path, were among the finalists for this year’s LAMP awards, in the same category. Last night, The Musicon Path was unanimously awarded the winner by the jury, with the following evaluation:

“The simple and beautiful lighting design delivers a unique and innovative public realm. The thoughtful and engaging application of light imbibes the cultural space with personality and affords users an exciting and dynamic experience.”

We want to thank our collaborative partners, especially our amazing teamwork with Simon Panduro. This has been an exciting and fun project to take part in and we are both honoured and happy to get this recognition by the jury. We also want to thank the organisers of the this amazing event and competition”, says a proud Frederik Waneck Borello, Senior Electrical & Lighting Engineer at ÅF Lighting, who received the award together with Simon Panduro in Barcelona.

The Lamp Awards were created to value the creativity, innovation and sustainability of lighting projects. It is a bi-annual ceremony which rewards projects that have successfully met the architectural lighting needs of an indoor or outdoor space, having created a positive synergy between architecture, interior design, landscaping and lighting.

LAMP Awards Winners 2019

About The Musicon Path in Roskilde, Denmark

Along the pump track in Roskilde's creative quarter Musicon Bydelen, Liquid Light® creates a visual environment with its own unique expression.

The main theme of the project The Musicon Path is: play and learning. The idea is to simulate the movements of water because water is highly interactive and responds in different ways to different forces, and thus “inviting people to stay and play”.

The lighting concept is Liquid Light where the lighting is designed to have smooth intensity transitions with large variations. The concept consists of two layers of light. An architectural layer combining functionality and aesthetics, responsible for sufficient visibility of the users and for the general appearance of the area, and a behavioural layer responsible for the playful interaction, both direct and indirect, between the users and the pump track expressed as a flowing wave of light.

The urban pump track is illuminated by a permanent lighting installation responding to the user activity along the track. Every spotlight is controlled individually by a DMX, and the signals are generated in real time by the lighting controller.

When a user rides the track, the movements are detected and a tail of coloured light will follow the users as they ride. After about 10 seconds the lighting goes back to the standard setting of white light. The faster the user rides, the longer the tail of light will be. For various occasions there are different colour scenarios pre-programmed in the controller which can easily be activated by the project owner via SMS.

The intention was to use lighting to simulate the movement of and physical interaction with water on a public pump track while ensuring sufficient visibility. The aim was to design a proper lighting solution and create a pump track that would be a useful space for all users and for the general public to hang out and skate/bike even during the dark hours.

Bring your bike and join the fun!



  • Lighting Design: Simon Panduro & ÅF Lighting
  • Developer: Roskilde Municipality
  • Partners: Lighting Metropolis
  • Contractors: Ørsted, Dirt Builders, Gottlieb
  • Photographer: Tomasz Majewski