Three AFRY brave women looking at the camera

AFRY on Allbright's green list

In this year's Allbright report, AFRY is placed on the green list, as we have achieved an equal gender distribution (40/60) in the management team.

The report shows, among other things, that for the first time, there are more companies on the green list than on the red list (where the company management is completely devoid of women). The percentage of women in the management teams now amounts to 28 percent.

The trend is positive, but there is still much to do. 36 percent of board members are women – the level is unchanged since last year.

In this year’s survey, Allbright also looked at the representation of different skin colours. The figures show that the management teams consist of 95 percent white individuals, while the proportion on company boards amounts to a whopping 98 percent. It is hardest for non-white women to get a seat at the table.

AFRY is committed to achieving a more balanced gender balance despite operating in a male-dominated field. We have a sharp target to reach 40 percent female leaders by 2030.

Read the Allbright report here.