Stockholm Impact Week

AFRY and Norrsken accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future

Impact Week 22 brought together the world’s most impactful and influential startups, talent, investors, business leaders and policymakers.

After a break of a few years, Stockholm became the central hub for startups from all over the world. These startups have an ambitious goal of making the world a better place. The week was dedicated to their work and they were given room to shine in various events during the week.

The days were full of important conversations about the future and how to make our society more sustainable through, for example:

  • Circular economy & service design
  • Digitalisation & AI
  • Examining pathways to net zero

The discussions inspired company representatives and other visitors alike to take action and be a driving force for change, which we fully encourage.

Events during the Impact Week included:

  • Impact Day – round table discussions about how to deepen the sustainable development of society
  • Impact Return & Investor Days – investors were connected with trailblazing startups and shared the latest trends in impact investments
  • The Impact100 Awards – 100 of the most promising impact startups worldwide were presented, and two of them were awarded for their excellence

We wish to extend our congratulations to the winners,

  • Unacademy for receiving the Shining Star award and being valued at over 1bn USD
  • Brimstone for receiving the Rising Star award and being valued at below 1bn USD

Stockholm Impact Week

Startups leveraging scalable technology are the key to solving some of the world’s greatest challenges. And while there could be only two winners chosen this week, all the startups on the Impact100 list are winners in their own right. They are doing enormously important work towards solving global problems nonstop, even though we are not always aware of their progress.

We must not only appreciate and admire the relentless work of those who wish to make an impact but also actively support and celebrate it. That's why events like the Impact Week are important: they make the work of those people visible. Thanks to them, we can come together and be inspired to contribute to making a change – together.

As our friends at Norrsken would say: It's time to get excited about the future!