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AFRY continues to collaborate with Norrsken Foundation


Through an extensive exchange of knowledge and experience, focusing on digital technology, entrepreneurship and mentorship, AFRY and Norrsken Foundation work together to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society – aligned with Agenda 2030.

Norrsken is a non-profit foundation that supports entrepreneurs who develop ideas and solutions aiming to take on some of the biggest challenges of our time, such as climate change, mental health, and integration. Many Norrsken member companies work in the same areas as we do, and some of them are already AFRY clients.

Some of Norrsken's members:

  • Innoscentia. Developing dynamic food labels, which use a bacteria sensor to determine whether the food is edible or not. The idea is to offer a safe way to classify the quality of the food product, instead of throwing it away based on an estimated expiration date – with the aim of reducing food waste.
  • Re:newcell. Textile recycling company that has developed a patented recycling process to transform cotton and other cellulosic textiles into a dissolving pulp of viscose quality. Re:newcell collaborates with H&M who use Re:newcell’s product Circulose in their products. AFRY is engineering partner for Re:newcells new textile recycling plant in Sundsvall, Sweden.
  • Volta Greentech. The Volta Greentech team has developed a solution to decrease the emissions from cows – more specifically, emissions stemming from their burps and farts. The method is based on the cows receiving algae-based feed supplements. AFRY is engineering partner for the construction of Volta’s first seaweed factory – Volta Factory 01.
  • Hygglo. Hygglo is a service enabling individuals to rent out their gadgets and equipments – and rent from others – as a part of the transition to a circular economy. The Hygglo offers a wide range of stuff to rent, such as garden tools, musical instruments, and outdoor equipment. The aim is to counteract unnecessary consumption and let more people share fewer objects.
  • Karma. Has developed an app where you can buy left-over food from restaurants, cafes and grocery stores, at a reduced price. The purpose is to reduce food waste and to offer companies and end-users a smooth system for selling and purchasing (perfectly fine) leftovers.

The core of our partnership is to exchange knowledge and experiences. AFRY’s experts share their expertise within sustainability and digitalisation – both on-going and in specific gatherings and events. For instance, our experts have participated in round table talks and panel discussions with various angles. Some of them have also been a part of COP26 Impact Talks and Norrsken’s yearly event Impact Week, and participated in the process of choosing promising entrepreneurs in Norrsken Impact Accelerator.

Norrsken Elevate connects experts with relevant startups

Recently, Norrsken launched the mentorship programme Elevate, in which AFRY is an active part. Elevate connects experts with relevant startups based on each individuals expertise and profile, and some of AFRY’s profiles are already registered as mentors, such as:

  • Henrik Tegnér, expert within strategy, energy and sustainability
  • Karolina Pamp, expert within future mobility
  • Lotta Falck, expert within food & life science
  • Pontus Wärnestål, expert within AI and digital design
  • Pernilla Thessén, expert within digitalisation


Pernilla Thessén at AFRY

”Norrsken Elevate is a unique opportunity for AFRY to contribute with concrete competence and in that way support young companies, but it’s also a way to get in touch with innovative people and gather new ideas for our business. These are the main reasons I signed up and this is going to be so much fun!”

Pernilla Thessén, Vice President Strategy and Head of Business Area Specialised Services, AFRY X

Next steps in the collaboration

Further on, AFRY and Norrsken will continue to collaborate through joint events and mentorship activities, for example during the UN Conference Stockholm+50 and Norrsken Impact Week 2022. AFRY's experts who has joined Norrsken Elevate as mentors will work directly with relevant startups, supporting them in their daily work.

Questions about our collaboration with Norrsken?

Cathrine Sandegren - EVP and Head of Communications and Brand

Cathrine Sandegren

EVP and Head of Communications