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AFRY is encouraging more engineers through Tekniksprånget


Tekniksprånget “The technological leap” offers young people who have studied science or technology in high school, a chance at an internship at a technology company.

Tekniksprånget is a four-month paid internship that takes place twice a year, during the autumn and during the spring, and this is the tenth year running that AFRY has offered internships through Tekniksprånget.

The purpose of this programme is to encourage young people to pursue engineering, and further Sweden’s engineering culture. The project is driven by The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering (IVA) and since their launch in 2012, 22 000 young people have applied, and 5000 people have been offered internships.

Post-internship feedback:
  • 7 out of 10 say that Tekniksprånget influenced what they chose to study
  • 8 out of 10 say they want to become an engineer
  • 9 out of 10 say that Tekniksprånget reduces drop-out rates

For this autumn's internship, around 195 young people applied, of whom 98 were women, 95 were men and 2 were of other genders. Of those who do internships, just over half are women.  

We asked Emma Karlsson, responsible for Tekniksprånget at AFRY about her role regarding the partnership.

What role do you have at AFRY?

I work as a Recruitment Partner where I support the management team at AFRY's division, Advanced Automation South. I support and coach the management team in their recruitment work, personnel strategy, employer branding and other recruitment-related issues.

What does AFRY's partnership with Tekniksprånget look like?

AFRY has been in collaboration with Tekniksprånget for ten years. Together with Tekniksprånget, AFRY can welcome interns between 18 and 20 years old who have studied either technology or natural science in high school. This is a great opportunity for AFRY to encourage the future generation to pursue engineering.

Five trainees at Afry

What do you hope the interns will learn from their time at AFRY?

By spending four months at AFRY, I hope the interns will get a deeper understanding about how broad and varying the engineering field is, and above all, how important it is for the future of our society. A considerable amount of today’s young people disregard a higher technical education due to a lack of knowledge about the career itself.

I hope that AFRY will further the interest among young people – especially younger women, to choose a higher technical education

How can the intern strengthen and improve AFRY?

The interns are our future generation, their point of view is invaluable to us. Tekniksprånget has stated that 76% of the interns started a technical education after they finished the internship. Many of our previous interns at AFRY also continued to work at AFRY during their studies. This collaboration strengthens AFRY's brand as an employer and how AFRY contributes to society.

What type of partnership do you hope to have with Tekniksprånget in the future?

Today, there is a shortage of engineers on the labour market, which means that the sections at AFRY are struggling. In the future, I hope that more of our managers at AFRY will see the value of this project and become a part of the great opportunity that this brings. By being a mentor to our interns, AFRY can help solve this problem.

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Emma Karlsson

Recruitment Partner

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