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AFRY helps modernise traffic signalling systems in Denmark


The Danish Road Directorate has recently entrusted AFRY with two projects concerning traffic signals. These include an overview of the Danish Road Directorate’s Road Standard for designing traffic signal controlled junctions, as well as inspections and replacement of traffic signal controllers.

The Danish Road Directorate is currently in the process of changing their traffic signal controllers. AFRY has been enlisted to review the documentation. In conjunction with this, AFRY is responsible for conducting factory acceptance tests, where the controllers and the programming are tested, as well as site acceptance tests.

“We make sure that everything is done correctly and ready to be taken into operations. We carry out tests all across Denmark, so far we’ve done about 50 tests,” says Lasse Lunde-Christensen, Traffic Engineer and Project Manager for both projects at AFRY.

The project also involves the inspection of systems that have been reported as faulty by locals.

Since the spring 2020, AFRY is also involved in an overview of the Danish Road Directorate’s Road Standard for designing traffic signal controlled junctions. It is the common design manual for designing traffic signal controlled junctions in Denmark. The update concerns structure, language and a number of technical areas. It is expected that the update will be complete in the spring of 2021.

“The best part of the project is to discuss principle topics in technical areas that I’ve been working with for more than ten years. I really enjoy discussing these topics, as it’s one of the most important design manuals in this area, with the Road Standard group IT på Vej," says Lasse Lunde-Christensen.


Lasse Bredtved Lunde-Christensen

Traffic Engineer

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