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AFRY involved in a new digital learning environment for forest-based bioeconomy


ForestBioFacts is the largest learning environment for forest-based bioeconomy in the world

AFRY has actively produced content which can be found in the different themes.

ForestBioFacts digital learning environment with 16 themes covers everything from sustainable forest management to wood-based products and technologies. In addition to the traditional paper, board, pulp and wood products, also biobased nanomaterials and wood-based textiles are presented.

Also, information about energy and biofuels, process automation, supply chain, asset management, environmental management and business and investment planning can be utilized. The content is partly based on the preceding Papermaking Science and Technology book series but is now more comprehensive and visual and in an easier form to be used.

ForestBioFacts includes over 1500 expert articles, over 300 videos, a proper glossary, and a 6-language vocabulary in an easily usable form.

ForestBioFacts also includes an Introduction to forest-based bioeconomy theme, open for everyone, in English and in Finnish. It gives a good overview of the possibilities of forest-based bioeconomy and meaning in solving global challenges, from sustainable forest management to products, technologies and study and work opportunities.

ForestBioFacts is provided by Forest Products Engineers and publishing company Paperi ja Puu Ltd. with a network of 18 forerunner companies and Finnish leading universities. Over 150 professionals in industry and academia have contributed to the ForestBioFacts.


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