AFRY Joins Transparency International Sweden’s Business Integrity Forum

AFRY is pleased to announce that we are now members of Transparency International Sweden’s (TI Sverige) Business Integrity Forum. The decision was made by the board of Transparency International Sweden, recognizing AFRY AB's commitment to promoting transparency, integrity, and high anti-corruption standards within its operations.

The Business Integrity Forum serves as a platform for knowledge exchange among its member companies, aiming to prevent corruption through shared insights and best practices. AFRY’s participation in this forum underscores our dedication to upholding ethical business practices and contributing to the fight against corruption. This partnership also strengthens Transparency International Sweden's mission to advocate for greater transparency, integrity, and accountability in the business sector.

By joining the Business Integrity Forum, AFRY AB demonstrates its proactive approach to ethical business conduct and commitment to fostering a culture of transparency and integrity.  

For more information about Transparency International Sweden and the Business Integrity Forum, please visit Transparency International Sweden's website.

About Transparency International Sweden: Transparency International Sweden (TI Sverige) is part of the global civil society organization Transparency International, dedicated to combating corruption worldwide. TI Sweden works to promote transparency, integrity, and accountability in Swedish society, engaging with businesses, government agencies, civil society organizations, and the public to strengthen anti-corruption efforts and uphold ethical standards. 

For further information, please contact: 

Susan Gustafsson - Group General Counsel

Susan Gustafsson

Group General Counsel