160 architects in Sweden, Finland, and Norway

AFRY launches AFRY Ark Studio

A local architecture offering in three Nordic countries

AFRY is taking the next step in its architecture and design strategy through the launch of AFRY Ark Studio, a local architecture offering in the Nordics that includes more than 160 architects in Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

AFRY is a leader within sustainable societal development and an important player in the green transition. For several years, AFRY has built its architecture offering and developed a design strategy, including acquisitions of sandellsandberg architects, Koncept and Gottlieb Paludan Architects.

To meet the clients’ needs for a more comprehensive architecture offering, AFRY has also carried out several strategic acquisitions – including Swedish TM Konsult and Finnish Innovarch. These will now, together with current AFRY architects in Finland and Gottlieb Paludan Architects in Norway, form AFRY Ark Studio.

─ We are extremely proud to launch AFRY Ark Studio. A local architect that complements AFRY’s existing niche architecture and design portfolio and addresses a larger part of the market. Together with sandellsandberg, Koncept and Gottlieb Paludan Architects, AFRY Ark Studio challenges the Nordic market, says Helena Paulsson, Head of Architecture & Design at AFRY.

AFRY Ark Studio is a local architect that understands the identity of its surroundings, and the people who inhabit them. 160 architects and designers across the Nordics, backed by a global network, offering sustainable architectural design. The goal is to open more studios in the Nordics.

─ The launch of AFRY Ark Studio is an important milestone, as this enables us to grow within the architecture space in our home markets. Sustainability is at the core of AFRY and plays a central role for our clients. Through close collaboration between our engineering, advisory and design capabilities, we will be the natural partner in accelerating the sustainable transition, says Malin Frenning, Head of Infrastructure Division.

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Helena Paulsson - VP and Head of Business Area Architecture and Design

Helena Paulsson

VP and Head of Business Area Architecture and Design

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