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AFRY launches the new VERMEER modelling tools for chemical risk assessment

AFRY is pleased to announce the release of a suite of modelling tools for human health and environmental risk assessment from exposure to chemicals: VERMEER tools.

VERMEER tools are a library of models predicting physico-chemical, fate and (eco)toxicological parameters of chemicals developed in the LIFE VERMEER project. The software allows for the integration of hazard evaluation with exposure assessment for humans and the environment.

The chemical-effect modelling tools and tool libraries include models for estimation of exposure and hazard endpoints to risky substances such as:

  • Solvents
  • Dispersants
  • Oils
  • Rodenticides
  • Plastics in contact with food.

VERMEER tools are the result of the work done within the EU-funded LIFE VERMEER project. The objective of this advanced project is to develop a single platform that is able to integrate different software to provide comprehensive solutions for environmental and human health risk assessment.

The new VERMEER modelling tools have been developed and integrated into the MERLIN 1  -Expo software which was developed by AFRY and now updated to incorporate the new VERMEER suite of libraries.

AFRY has supported the project with technical integration of the modelling tools, as well as expertise regarding the environment, dissemination of information, and development of e-learning materials and training.

MERLIN-Expo is a model software which incorporates, amongst other things, LIFE VERMEER’s dedicated set of models to specifically assess environmental and human exposure to chemicals and address their gaps.

The key features of MERLIN-Expo are:

  • Integrated multimedia and pharmacokinetic models
  • Coverage of the total exposure assessment chain
  • Estimation of internal exposures for different human populations
  • Steady-state or time-series simulations
  • Deterministic and probabilistic simulations
  • Multiple exposure pathways for multiple chemicals to estimate combined exposure of humans and biota
  • Modular structure allows the easy construction of complex scenarios
  • Uncertainty and sensitivity analyses in line with the tiered approach recommended by the WHO
  • Quality assured and standardised documentation (developed in collaboration with CEN)
  • A comprehensive package of on-line training material.

MERLIN-Expo is also integrated with VEGA QSAR 2  models to provide toxicological and physico-chemical parameters for chemical substances.

All models within MERLIN-Expo are implemented on AFRY Intelligent Scenario Modelling. The MERLIN-Expo software is available for download. Additionally, a substantial package of online training material and a training programme supports the use of the tool.

More details can be found at the following links, regarding MERLIN-Expo and the VERMEER Tools.

For further information, please contact:

Boris Alfonso

Benedict Jaeschke


For further reading:

AFRY Intelligent Scenario Modelling is a simple-to-use yet powerful and flexible software tool for creating dynamic models, compartment models, and performing deterministic or probabilistic simulations. Used frequently for risk assessment, Intelligent Scenario Modelling has been widely adopted in areas such as dose calculations for humans and/or biota from any radiological, or non-radiological contaminants.

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  • 1. a comprehensive Library of multimedia and PBPK models for Integration, prediction, uNcertainty and Sensitivity analysis.
  • 2. Quantitative Structure–Activity Relationship.