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AFRY Management Consulting launches AFRY Digital Use Case Approach with new functionalities and a winning design


AFRY Management Consulting has launched its AFRY Digital Use Case Approach platform that supports companies in their digital transformation.

Digital use cases allow companies to close the gap between their current digital capacities and their digital needs of tomorrow. Digital use cases highlight strategic priorities, define and share business goals and prove invaluable for starting discussions across departments, hierarchies and with external parties. 

Developed at AFRY Management Consulting in Vienna, the platform is an in-house web application that supports prioritisation, visualisation, tracking and sharing of digitalisation initiatives throughout any organisation and beyond. The digital use case approach allows AFRY Management Consultants and industry experts to support organisations throughout their whole life-cycle of digital initiatives. We work from the bottom up, through a criteria-based selection process and an accelerated execution phase, to support successful implementation of initiatives with subsequent evaluation of the outcomes.

Find out more about how the platform could help your organisation leverage the benefits of digital improvements by requesting free access to the demo version here:

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Horst Dulle

Management Consulting, Energy Consulting, Austria