Aquaculture, the farming of fish and crustaceans, is the fastest growing food industry in the world right now.

AFRY to participate in Future Industry Forum

The Future Industry Forum, an annual summit for leaders, experts and ideas, will take place in Karlstad, central Sweden, on 5 February. This year’s theme is “Land-based fish farmers’ wish list for professional suppliers – How can suppliers meet the specified functional requirements of the emerging land-based industry?”. AFRY’s Business Development Manager Claudio Ferro is one of 40 selected participants.

Food production is one of the most critical issues of our future. By 2050, food demand is expected to double and will create new requirements for production and consumption of food. Aquaculture, the farming of fish and crustaceans, is one of the fastest growing food sectors in the world. The increasing demand has turned fish farming into a global industry with enormous significance for social development in many parts of the world. Claudio Ferro, Business Development Manager and Head of the Project Management Department at AFRY in Switzerland, has been invited to the Future Industry Forum to share his experience from aquaculture, which includes project management for Swiss Lachs – Switzerland’s first land-based salmon farm – and other fish farms.

”It is not uncommon that salmon is produced in Norway, processed in Poland and packaged in France before it reaches the consumer. It can take days and it pollutes the world. We can help our clients to do the same procedure in one facility and it only takes a couple of hours. The fish live their whole lives here, in a stable environment, and are packaged on location which significantly decreases the climate impact”, says Claudio Ferro.

Land-based fish farming is an emerging high potential industry, but there are still few specialised suppliers that are aware of, and able to meet the necessary requirements for efficient and specific aquaculture performance. The conference will focus on the scientific and financial perspective in addition to the challenges that the industry faces when it comes to technical equipment suited for their needs.

“There is a lot of complex technology, business-oriented decisions and permits procedures involved in land-based fish farming projects, as well as a need for awareness of sustainability issues. Land-based does not automatically equal sustainable, it has to do with the energy source, recirculation of water etc. As an advisor and a system integrator, we can help our clients make the right decisions and properly manage the projects from business idea to operations, optimising operational costs and reducing the use of energy, as well as minimising the overall climate impact,” says Claudio Ferro.

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Claudio Ferro - Head of Business Unit Food & Pharma Switzerland

Claudio Ferro

Head of Business Unit Food & Pharma Switzerland

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