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AFRY ProTAK digital platform successfully operational at Mondi Dynäs in Sweden

AFRY ProTAK digital platform successfully operational at Mondi Dynäs in Sweden

Mondi Dynäs, part of the Mondi Group, a global leader in packaging and paper, assigned AFRY to deliver the digital solution platform, AFRY ProTAK, to optimise their production further in Väja, Sweden.

Mondi is a global leader in packaging and paper. Mondi Dynäs located on the High Coast in Sweden is one of the largest brown sack kraft and specialty kraft paper producers in the world. With a focus on sustainability and digitalisation, the mill is investing further in its operations and has chosen AFRY ProTAK as a digital tool to optimise its production further.

AFRY ProTAK is a digital tool that analyses the efficiency of a plant's production machine performance. It is currently installed in most of Sweden's largest paper mills.

To secure and increase our production efficiency going forward, we need a reliable follow-up system. What caught our interest is AFRY ProTAKs’ user-friendly interface and graphics. We know what positive effects other users have achieved with AFRY ProTAK, and we feel confident with the team behind AFRY ProTAK. That’s why we’ve chosen AFRY ProTAK as our new digital platform.

John Werner, Process Development Manager at Mondi Dynäs

AFRY has extensive experience in industrial IT and delivered and installed the digital tool AFRY ProTAK to reach increased efficiency and performance of Mondi Dynäs production. The system gathers information from different sources (e.g., DCS, MES, Maintenance) and combines that with the operators’ notes to calculate or present Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), which will lead to optimised production and increased profitability.

AFRY ProTAK also contributes to increased traceability and ensures high production efficiency by integrating data from all production systems and equipment. The main advantages of AFRY ProTAK, are that the tool is considered among existing users to be transparent and user-friendly, which also creates a commitment for everyone in the production process.

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Our tool is currently installed at most of the largest paper mills in Sweden. The fact that also Mondi Dynäs chose AFRY ProTAK, is a valuable confirmation of our tool's ability to contribute to a sustainable and efficient production process. Together with our customers we succeed to develop our product continuously as many details are developed through users' needs.

Section Manager, Per-Anders Bjuggstam at AFRY



The installation of AFRY ProTAK began at the end of 2021 and has been successfully operational in all mill departments since the beginning of March 2022.