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AFRY received 99% in Achilles HSEQ audit

Another great achievement for AFRY’s sustainability work

Over two days, AFRY answered 400 questions from Achilles UNCE and got a 99% score. The audit is done every fourth year and the questions are based on Health & Safety, Environment and Quality within six areas; technical resources, human resources, health & safety, quality management, environment and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Achilles Utilities Nordic Central Europe - or Utilities NCE for short - is a supplier database and qualification system used by the Nordic utilities sector to manage supplier information in accordance with EU regulations.

This is a fantastic and great accomplishment that we should be proud of! The customer demands in these areas (HSEQ) are growing and requirements needs to be fulfilled in order to do business with several customers. Achilles is one supplier database, but we also have other databases that we need to fulfil depending on customer requirements, says Ulrika Törnqvist, Quality Manager Industrial & Digital Solutions.


A big thank you to all employees that participated in the audit!