Plastic recycling

AFRY strengthens Plastics Recycling competences


Plastics are used all around us, at home, at work, when we go shopping, or in any industries like packaging, automotive, or manufacturing. The challenge with the broad use of plastics is that the majority is incinerated to produce energy, causing pollution and CO2, or it ends up in landfills or the environment as solid waste that degrade slowly, causing a lot of environmental damage.

The plastic recycling, meaning the reprocessing of plastic waste into new and useful products, will be key in solving this issue together with bioplastics. When recycling is increased, we will see impacts on less landfill use, decreased need for fossil-based resource usage, and the environment protection from plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Demand towards plastic recycling solutions and increased investment activity can be seen globally. To meet our customers’ needs, we are developing our offering and process technology competencies within the Process Industries Division and are proud to announce the appointment of Andrea Stooß as Head of Plastic Recycling Virtual Team within AFRY.

In this role, Andrea will be coordinating globally AFRY's activities and competencies towards different plastic recycling technologies and operators. 


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Dr. Andrea Stooß

Global Virtual Team Lead Plastic Recycling, Process Industries Germany

Tuukka Sormunen

Head of Chemicals and Biorefining, Process Industries Division