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AFRY supports large-scale energy storage concept


AFRY supports Mine Storage with technical expertise in pump power for large-scale energy storage in closed mines. This large-scale energy storage concept is planned to support and balance the energy system in the future.

Intermittent production such as solar and wind power puts great pressure on the Swedish energy system. With energy demand increasing year on year, and the need for frequency regulation in the Swedish electricity grid to be solved, more stored energy is required. Mine Storage wants to solve this in a new way by storing energy in closed mines, using pump power.

Technically, this means that water is pumped from a lower elevation to an upper reservoir in the mine and stored as gravitational potential energy. Then, when peak demand electricity is required, the water returns to the lower reservoir level via electricity-generating turbines, which in turn means that clean energy is sent out into the electricity grid.

AFRY's commitment to accelerating the energy transition is shown in the Clean Energy initiative. We have supported the transition to low carbon, clean energy power sources, and energy efficiency since the early 1990s. In addition, we have been at the forefront of technical innovations in hydropower for many years.

In this project, together with Mine Storage, AFRY specifically supports with technical expertise in pump power. This means that AFRY in an initial stage helps with the major framework to set the degree of technical innovation, overall technical concepts and to help with knowledge about overall costs and work steps linked to pump power and large-scale energy storage.

“It is great fun for us at AFRY to be able to contribute to a pioneering technology that is in line with our vision, to work with sustainable solutions for future generations”, says Patrik Björkholm, Section Manager Automation & Hydro Power Engineering at AFRY.

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AFRY has worked with hydropower for over 120 years and provides services from the early stages of concept and feasibility study to implementation and implementation as well as operation and maintenance.

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