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AFRY is taking off in its acceleration towards the clean energy transition

A one-stop-shop for wind power services

Through a strong propensity for organic growth and via several recent strategic acquisitions, AFRY has positioned itself as a global leader in renewable energy solutions and become a one-stop-shop for wind energy services.

AFRY is highly committed to accelerating the transition to a sustainable society and this mission is reflected in all of our business lines focusing on providing state-of-the-art engineering, design and consulting solutions to meet the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

One of AFRY's objectives is to provide cutting-edge and innovative solutions to tackle climate change and accelerate the shift to an affordable and clean energy future. At AFRY, we accept that no source of energy is 100% challenge-free but the transition must be made from a balanced mix of renewable and low-carbon technologies and solutions.

We believe that wind energy is one of the pillars of the acceleration towards clean and sustainable energy systems in the future.

AFRY has been active in the wind power industry for almost 30 years and has provided services in 60 countries worldwide combining local knowledge with global expertise. We have been supporting our clients by offering our technical, commercial and environmental advisory services on more than 400 projects in all regions around the world with a total installed capacity of over 150 GW.

The global wind energy market is, however, rapidly growing and today our clients need more than ever to rely on a trusted partner able to provide them with end-to-end solutions to meet their sustainability goals.

This is why we have chosen to expand our international team of renewable energy experts and scale up our areas of specialisation in this sector by carrying out several strategic acquisitions throughout the years. This has led us to become a complete resource for the provision of services along the entire value chain of onshore and offshore wind projects.

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Through the acquisition of the Finnish digital solutions for clean energy pioneer Numerola, we have strengthened our capacity to calculate the energy production potential of planned wind farms, through simulations and wind-measurement campaigns, and assess their environmental impacts.

With the Irish market leader in onshore wind and renewables Ionic Consulting becoming part of AFRY, we have grown our presence in the UK and gained a strong position in Ireland which is today the pioneering market fostering wind power in Europe.

We have expanded our spectrum of services in the wind energy industry through the recent acquisition of BLIX Consultancy, a Netherlands-based consulting firm with sound expertise in offshore and onshore wind projects in Central and Northern Europe and several countries in Asia.

AFRY is today a one-stop-shop for its clients as our service portfolio spans every stage of an offshore and onshore wind power project, from the early strategy phase to its execution and operation.

The integrated skills of our experts and consultants from different areas of expertise and geographic regions make AFRY one of the world's leading providers of high-quality wind energy services.

We combine project management, technical, commercial, environmental, and strategic consulting skills with a strong commitment to being at the forefront of the energy transition.

At AFRY, we believe that the shift to a clean energy system is vital to accelerating the transition to a sustainable society and ensuring a better future for generations to come. We are uniquely positioned to make good on our promises of global and local professionalism and expertise to deliver economically and environmentally sustainable wind projects to our clients and make a tangible impact on society

Peter Plug, Head of Renewables and Thermal Power, Energy Division, AFRY.

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Peter Plug - VP, Deputy Head of Energy Division, Head of Strategy and Global Head of Renewables

Peter Plug

VP, Deputy Head of Energy Division, Head of Strategy and Global Head of Renewables

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