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AFRY at United Nations Global Compact Leaders’ Summit

On June 16, AFRY participated in The UN Global Compact 20th Anniversary Leaders Summit, a virtual conference with 20,000 participants from 180 countries, about how to rebuild more inclusive economies and societies to set a new course for a socially just, low-carbon and climate resilient world.


This year, one of the focus areas was the challenge for companies to align their strategies with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030. Numbers were published, supporting the need for the private sector to be held more accountable over their commitment to formulate and deliver towards those goals.

Rica Pantermehl, consultant at AFRY and interim Head of Quality and Environment for a technology company, participated in the 26 hour non-stop discussion.

“Because of my work in supporting companies in their journey to comply and improve performance on quality, environment and sustainability, this event was truly inspiring. Connecting major and minor change initiatives to the SDGs, together with our clients, has massive potential and will be rewarding in being a leader of this journey”, says Rica Pantermehl.

Rica Pantermehl at AFRY
Rica Pantermehl, consultant at AFRY
Specific actions

Calls for leaders to be appointed based on expertise in sustainability and the announcement of stricter reporting for organisations signed up with the UNGC, are strong examples of specific actions to increase the delivery towards the principles and goals of the Global Compact.

 “With deep knowledge and experience in areas such as smart cities, mobility, digitalisation, energy transition and bioeconomy, AFRY is committed to support with insights at different UN summits. The climate change conference COP25 in Madrid and UN Global Compact Leaders’ Summit are great examples of this”, says Marie Trogstam, Head of Sustainability.