AFRY's Contribution to Ukraine's Clean Energy Transition

AFRY, a key player in sustainable energy solutions, supports with technical assistance, energy security and clean energy project development in Ukraine

Technical assistance is provided by AFRY to projects related to the construction of a solar power plant for a water and wastewater utility in Chortkiv and energy efficiency measures in Vinnytsia and that are managed by the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (Nefco).  

In Chortkiv city, AFRY has provided Technical Assistance to facilitate the city's transition to green energy sources. The newly funded project involves implementing solar power for water treatment systems to ensure a stable, energy supply to critical water supply infrastructure and wastewater cleaning utilities and enhance the utility's energy independence. AFRY's scope of work included conducting a feasibility study and carrying out technical, financial and environmental due diligence to ensure that the project is compliant with grant funding provided by Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P).

AFRY's involvement in Vinnytsia extends to Project Implementation Support Services for an energy efficiency project in the district heating (DH) sector. This initiative represents the second phase of Vinnytsia's district heating system development, financed by Nefco, E5P, and Sweden. AFRY has been involved in the project for over a decade, demonstrating modern district heating technology and design principles in Ukraine.  

Beyond these projects, AFRY has a longstanding history of working in Ukraine, predating the full-scale Russian invasion of the country. AFRY remains deeply committed to Ukraine's rebuilding efforts and collaborate closely with Ukrainian cities, governmental stakeholders and different International Financial Institutions.  

Our engagements range from project development to implementation and project supervision on initiatives crucial for Ukraine's development across various sectors.  

“AFRY's capacity and competence offer one-stop-shop services for projects in Ukraine. We are capable of allocating competent resources for several different sectors and projects from AFRY global organisation and combine it with our local representation and resources in Kyiv. AFRY combines global expertise with deep sectoral knowledge and the Ukraine team's rich local experience and collaborative spirit. We are bridge for effective cooperation.” says Oksana Shevchenko, country manager AFRY Ukraine.  

Our commitment to supporting Ukraine's beneficiaries and stakeholders aligns closely with the goals of Nefco and E5P towards rebuilding and accelerating the energy transition in Ukraine.  


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Katazina Andrukonyte - IFIs Cooperation and Projects Lead

Katazina Andrukonyte

IFIs Cooperation and Projects Lead

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