NEVS Emily

AFRY's expertise powers the development of the next-generation electric vehicle: NEVS Emily


The secret project at the cutting edge of technology

In November 2019, NEVS received the mission to develop 'Emily'. With the help of AFRY, Nevs was able to create an electric car that showcases the benefits of wheel motors – in only ten months.

We can now announce that AFRY has provided engineering and design support to NEVS during the development of 'Emily', contributing with our extensive knowledge and expertise in electric vehicles and automotive technology.

NEVS Emily boasts an impressive driving range of up to 1000 km, a spacious interior, and a sleek design. Its most distinctive feature is Protean's in-wheel motors, which provide exceptional driving performance. Moreover, the acceleration performance is agile yet comfortable, and the suspension can be configured to different driving modes, allowing both sporty driving and effortless highway cruising.

NEVS Emily
Photo: Peter Wahlström, Plint Marketing Trollhättan

"We take pride in our contribution to developing NEVS Emily, especially in its remarkable achievement of being designed, developed, and built within only ten months. At AFRY, we are dedicated to driving technological innovation that not only benefits our clients but also advances the boundaries of what's possible," says Martin Öman, Vice President of Product and Software Engineering at AFRY.

Some of the challenges were to develop a complete mechanical architecture to integrate the new in-wheel motors, a new complete interior, and a new semi-structural battery, all to be manufactured in a production-like process.

AFRY has been an important partner in developing ‘Emily’. Their expertise and creativity have contributed to crafting a vehicle that satisfies the requirements of next-generation electric cars and exemplifies cutting-edge technology and engineering,

says Peter Dahl, Program Director at NEVS.

NEVS Emily has recently been test-driven by various media outlets, such as Auto Motor Sport, Sveriges Radio, SVT, and the local newspaper TTela in Trollhättan. The prototype has received unanimous acclaim from test drivers, who find the unique wheel motor technology highly advantageous and identify few drawbacks.

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