light bureau Between City and Nature nivå tunnel

Between City and Nature


ÅF Lighting designed the new way-finding lighting in Nivå’s most frequented tunnel

ÅF Lighting recently finished a tunnel project in Nivå, Denmark. The new lighting is designed to create an inviting and visually inspiring connection between city and nature, with the aim of transforming the tunnel into an attractive landmark during the dark hours.

The lighting is themed by Nivå’s well-known history of tilery and brick production and highlights the architectural elements of a squared tile. Hereby, the lighting emphasizes Nivå’s natural and material characteristics, while creating a metaphorical story of Nivå’s transition from nature to city through its brick production.

The lighting solution consists of three different lighting elements, including a functional element to ensure safe traffic, accessibility and orientation; a space-making element to create visual depth; and an identity-creating element, which tells the story of Nivå and invites people to walk through the tunnel.

Most importantly, the lighting is designed to create a safe passage, but we also wanted to transform the dark tunnel into a visual experience, and invite people to walk through and experience the tunnel at night time. With way-finding elements we let the users know which area they’re moving towards. This was a pilot project and we hope to create more lighting solutions for several tunnels in Fredensborg Municipality”, says lighting designer Johannes Møjen.

The lighting solution is designed to withstand vandalism and is suitable for the surrounding environment in which it is established. Thus, all lighting equipment located within reach has custom-made security boxes.

Photo: ÅF Lighting / Rune Brandt Hermannsson

light bureau Between City and Nature nivå tunnel

Lars Barthold Hansen - Market Area Manager, Light Bureau (Denmark)

Lars Barthold Hansen

Market Area Manager, Light Bureau Denmark

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