Jonas Gustavsson outdoors

Climate Leadership Coalition appoints Jonas Gustavsson as new board member


The Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC) has appointed Jonas Gustavsson, CEO of AFRY, as member of its Board of Directors.

Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC) is the largest non-profit climate business network in Europe. CLC’s members employ more than 520 000 people worldwide. The stock market value of CLC’s company members is almost 70 percent of the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

CLC believes that profound transition to a sustainable world can be economically beneficial, viable and financeable. All members – AFRY being one of them – strive to be among the leaders of their respective fields in terms of climate change mitigation ambition. Jonas Gustavsson was appointed as one of four new members of CLC’s Board of Directors at its Autumn meeting.

Jonas Gustavsson, CEO
"I feel privileged to take on this role, as AFRY strongly believes in engaging in new and innovative partnerships to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future. Also, the complexity of the energy transition requires industry leaders to use their knowledge and expertise to help accelerate progress towards clean energy."

– Jonas Gustavsson, CEO and President, AFRY.

Karl-Henrik Sundström, former CEO of Stora Enso, who has served as CLC’s chairman for a year, welcomes the new board members.

It is great with new skills and competences to the CLC board. And the further expansion of our board membership in the other Nordic countries is an important opportunity for CLC. These steps enhance CLC’s potential to have a bigger impact and support Finnish, Nordic, EU, and global decision-makers in work to mitigate climate change and in planning and implementing the European Green Deal.

– Karl-Henrik Sundström, chairman of the board for Climate Leadership Coalition.

Towards stronger climate leaders

CLC help their members become even stronger climate leaders by identifying and introducing the best global company practices, policy approaches and strategies and actively participating in climate policy development on a Nordic, EU and Global level.

Together we aim to make a significant positive climate impact through business solutions. Protecting the climate can and should be an economic stimulus and early adapters can benefit and become more profitable.

– Climate Leadership Coalition