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ÅF Lighting designed a unique and timeless luminaire inspired by Scandinavian nature.

Fagerhult, one of Europe’s leading lighting manufacturer, requested a luminaire out of the ordinary. They wanted a game changer and asked ÅF Lighting to design a lantern for parks and squares never seen before.

Inspired by the symmetry in nature and with the objective of creating a luminaire that doesn’t obstruct the surrounding environment, ÅF Lighting set out to develop a timeless luminaire with endless expressions.

“We wanted Devina to blend into the environment imitating the principles of nature. It is designed to create a sense of light while adding beauty to the surroundings” explains Head of Design at ÅF Lighting, Kai Piippo.

The Devina collection is a cylinder with four distinct design styles inspired by the different seasons of Nordic light. Each Devina has a unique visual language which tells its own story through a carefully curated composition of materials.

Based on the cylindrical shape, customers are free to experiment and create their own signature expression with various materials and colours of their choice. This way, they can make their own unique designs instead standard solutions.

The Devina park luminaire is designed in collaboration with Fagerhult and glass designer Lena Bergström.

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Kai Piippo - Head of Design, Light Bureau

Kai Piippo

Head of Design, Light Bureau

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