Pipeline construction site on a sunny day, windmill farm in background

€9bn could be saved by using gas infrastructure to decarbonise Portugal


AGN, the Portuguese Natural Gas Association, has released a report by AFRY about the use of Portuguese gas infrastructure in the decarbonisation process.

The report concludes that the decarbonisation of the Portuguese energy system by 2050 is possible and should be done by using a “zero carbon gas” pathway. Using gas infrastructure would save the Portuguese economy over €9bn compared with taking an “all-electric” pathway.

As a result, we recommend that Portugal’s Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality 2050 be revised to reflect the benefits that could result from the use of gas infrastructure for the development of gases such as biomethane and hydrogen.

We also advise that Portugal take full advantage of its substantial renewable energy sources, especially as these sources also enable large-scale production of green hydrogen at a lower cost than other European countries.

Richard Sarsfield-Hall

Director, AFRY Management Consulting

Dorian de Kermadec

Senior Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

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