Aerial view of braided river from melting glacier, Mt Cook National Park

Interconnected challenges towards common goals - AFRY Insights out now!

AFRY releases the latest edition of AFRY Insights magazine, which revolves around interconnected challenges towards common goals, underscoring the necessity of collaborative action as we work towards the outcomes needed in today’s world.

In an era defined by unprecedented environmental and economic challenges, our collective path forward hinges on a shared vision and collaborative action. This is why in this issue of AFRY Insights, we have produced the first edition that joins together both energy and bioindustry transition experts to share leading perspectives with relevance that spans across industries.

In enlightening interviews with two industry leaders, both Michael Lewis (Uniper) and Håkan Buskhe (FAM) highlight the importance of collaboration and innovation in addressing global energy and sustainability challenges. Michael Lewis emphasises the pivotal role of integrating renewable energy sources and developing robust carbon capture technologies. He argues that these advancements are not just beneficial, but essential for a sustainable future. Håkan Buskhe provides his perspective by highlighting the pivotal role the EU's forest industry could play in safeguarding our climate.

The cornerstone of this issue is a series of five articles dedicated to carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS), technologies key to reducing our carbon footprint and combatting climate change. Each article delves into different aspects of the CCUS value chain, from the latest technological breakthroughs to the economic and policy frameworks necessary for its widespread adoption. These discussions reflect the interconnected nature of our challenges and the multifaceted approach required to address them.

AFRY Insights magazine is a platform where industry experts converge to share their expertise, insights, and visions. Through thought-provoking articles, we share their wisdom, sparking a broader understanding of critical topics along our industries of expertise. As we weave together these insights, a bigger picture emerges forming an authentic showcase of the domain of expertise at the time of publication.

Aerial view of braided river from melting glacier, Mt Cook National Park

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