A bunch of light coloured eggs

Happy Easter!


AFRY’s alternative Easter egg hunt

For many, the Easter egg hunt is a beloved tradition, but this year’s hunt may face some challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. Worry not, here at AFRY we have put together some ideas for an alternative (read: inside) Easter egg hunt.

In many countries around the world, social distancing will be a necessary measure this Easter. Whilst we, as an engineering and design company, are fond of and encourage virtual egg hunts, here we have put together some ideas for good hiding places that many people may have at home. Before the hunt, or perhaps during, we suggest challenging your closest friends and family (perhaps through virtual meetings!) on the quiz below.

We hope you enjoy our egg hunt and wish you a safe and happy Easter!

Download the quiz and egg hunt here

Good hiding places
  • Under the bed
  • Behind the curtain
  • In the oven
  • In the wardrobe
  • In the shower/bath
  • Behind your cleaning supplies
  • In the garden



coloured eggs in brown basket on green grass