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Henrik Ehrnrooth receives prestigious Energy Globe Award


Henrik Ehrnrooth, former long-time chairman of the board at Pöyry and current board member of AFRY has been awarded with the Energy Globe ‘Medal of Honor’. Henrik’s achievement in winning one of the most prestigious international environmental awards is down to his outstanding, impactful and innovative work for sustainable development and climate friendly solutions.

The international Energy Globe World Award is celebrating 20th anniversary this year. Often referred to as ‘the Nobel of sustainable development’, Energy Globe presents extraordinary sustainable projects from all over the world with a focus on impact, solutions and actions. In addition, the award can be presented to individuals as a recognition of their personal contribution. The awards are presented annually by the Energy Globe Foundation, the primary objective of which is to create a higher level of awareness concerning sustainable development and innovations, especially in energy efficiency. The foundation is supported in its activities by the Honorary Board which is led by Maneka Gandhi, Minister for Women and Child Development in India.

Henrik Ehrnrooth, board member of AFRY

During his 40 year career actively contributing to sustainable development, Henrik has become recognized as one of the leading global experts in the bioeconomy and forestry. Henrik is one of the founding members of the Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC) and has been the chairman of the board at CLC since 2017. CLC is a network of companies, research organizations and cities who strive to be among the leaders of their respective fields in terms of climate ambition. During Henrik’s leadership, CLC has grown to be the largest climate-business network within the EU.

“Forest industry, when I started my career 40 years ago, was a polluting industry with a bad reputation. In four decades it has become a cornerstone of the new ‘bioeconomy’ which produces recyclable and biodegradable products from renewable sources. The forest industry's energy needs can be supplied by bioenergy and consumption of water is nowadays one tenth of what is used to be back then. Process waters are treated and returned to nature cleaned. Forest industry also plants new forests in many countries. This transformation has been profitable business and demonstrates the industry revolution that can also mitigate climate change,” says Henrik Ehrnrooth.

Henrik started his career at Pöyry 40 years ago and was the CEO from 1986 – 1995. He was a member of the board at Pöyry from 1996 – 2003 and chairman of the board from 2003 – 2019. He currently continues as a member of the board of AFRY.

AFRY congratulates Henrik on his recorgnition!

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