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Latest AFRY Insights released: Brave steps in the energy transition


We are pleased to launch the Spring Edition of AFRY Insights Energy magazine with a focus on taking brave steps in the energy transition.

In this issue of AFRY Insights, our colleagues share perspectives along the theme of taking action in the transition to a clean energy future. These challenging times call for dialogue and exchange with each other. In this spirit, we’re honoured to include interviews with three strong leaders. Katherina Reiche, CEO of Germany's Westenergie, discussed with us the topic of hydrogen and the security of supply in Europe, while the mayor of Stockholm, Anna König Jerlmyr, explained to us how she is building a city of opportunities for her citizens. Meanwhile, our CEO, Jonas Gustavsson gave an interview on the importance of inclusion and diversity as well as gathering people with bold ideas in AFRY.

The ongoing war in Ukraine has destroyed many families and homes and in its cruelty forces everyone to take a point of view. AFRY has decided not to take on new projects in Russia and has initiated the process to exit the business in Russia.

We condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and we have been shocked and saddened by the suffering it has caused. Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and everyone affected. AFRY will always take a stand for what we believe in. Consequently, we have decided to no longer take on new projects and initiate the process to exit our business in Russia with due care to our clients and employees,” said Jonas Gustavsson, President and CEO at AFRY.

​As always, your feedback and comments are welcome, so that we can improve our next issue. We remain curious and make it our mission to bring you new ideas, perspectives and insights in order to support you for what is coming next.

Girl draws on ground

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From hydrogen and smart cities to carbon removal and green finance - all opportunities to drive the transition to a more sustainable future must be taken.